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“Please Expect Delayed Shipping During Holiday. By Clicking “ACCEPT” You Agree To The Fact That We May Require Up To 7 Business Days To Ship Your Actual Order. Once Shipped And Tracker # Is Issued To Your Email, Due To Anticipated USPS Holiday Delays,  Delivery Time After Shipping May Take An Additional 7 days. 14 Days TOTAL in rare cases. This Is Not Amazon PRIME or WALLMART. We Are The Only Company Who Manufactures These Powerful Products, And Our Rates Are Extremely Competitive. The Holidays Are Our Busiest Time Of Year. Each Supplement Batch Is Handmade Fresh, Weekly In Sterile Lab. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE. Email Us When You Begin Your Aztec Supplement Products For Free COACHING On Our Products To Ensure Maximum Results. We Want To Take You To The Next Level! Check Out Facebook And Instagram For Daily Client UPDATES”