Aztec Whey Isolate


The most delicious & nutritious meal replacement protein shake or perfect for a Post-Exercise Shake 🙂We use a Kid tested, Mother Approved, Doctor Recommended Formula. 100% NATURAL, KETO, FAT FREE, Less than 1% LACTOSE.

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4 LBS @ 80 Servings.

29 Grams of 100% Natural Whey Isolate Protein Per Scoop: 1.4g Carbs, 0g FAT

Extremely high biological value/availability

Fortified with glutamine peptides to further support muscle tissue integrity and immune system efficiency

Aspartame free, 100% Natural, 100% NON-GMO

Rich in Branch chain amino acids and Glutamine

Rich in immune system enhancing protein fractions


Aztec Whey Isolate is the latest technological breakthrough in state of the art protein development for athletes. This product contains the highest percentage of protein by composition of any whey protein product on the market. With 29 g of pure isolate protein per serving this is the ultimate formula.

Quality isolate whey proteins have been associated with many healthful benefits such as anti-oxidant activity, and enhancing the immune system. Also of importance to any hard training athlete is protein’s ability to push them into a state of positive nitrogen balance. Getting back into positive nitrogen after a workout creates the best anabolic environment for your muscles.

The benefits of Isolate to the athlete go way beyond the fast absorption and muscle building qualities of whey protein. The whey protein isolate in Isolate plays a significant role in an athlete’s immune system and anti-oxidant activity. This is of particular importance to heavy training athletes who may be suppressing their immune systems from the stress of high intensity training.

Isolate’s sole protein source is ISO94, a glutathione boosting multi-filtered pure protein. ISO94 contains protein fractions that are in part made up of an amino acid sequence that has been shown to be a glutathione precursor. Glutathione levels have been linked to anti-oxidant activity and immuno-enhancing capabilities.


Mix 1 scoop with 8 oz water or almond/flax/hemp milk. Shake well. Consume ASAP.

“Aztec Whey Delicious Recipes!


1. Aztec Protein Bites

-4 Tbsp coconut milk
-1|2 cup of Aztec Whey Vanilla Protein
-2 Tbsp of maple syrup
-4 Tbsp Almond butter
-3|4 cup almond meal
-3 Tbs chocolate chip
-1|2 tsp vanilla extract

2. Aztec Protein Ice Cream

-2 scoop of Aztec Whey protein
-8 oz of coconut milk
-2 packets of Stevia
-1 packet Think Thin Protein fiber oatmeal packet
-3 tbsp of PB Fit Powder
-Tons of ice and blend

3. Aztec Yogurt Bites

-12 oz of the fat free plain mountain yogurt
-3 scoops of the Aztec Whey Strawberry Protein
-1|4 cup of blueberries
-1|3 cup of raspberries
-1|3 cup of Ancient Purely Elizabeth Granola


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Cookies N Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry


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