Aztec Cleanse

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Aztec Cleanse Ingredients: 100% RAW/Fresh Squeezed/ORGANIC/VEGAN from LOCAL Farmers: Subtropical Ruby Grapefruit, Lime , Cassia Senna Leaf, Apple Cider Vinegar ( w/ mother), Guinea Pepper, Lemon, Light Agave Americana, CITRUS SINENSIS (Moro Blood Orange), Cinnamomum Verum.
Always ask your primary doctor to see if you are healthy enough to use the Aztec Cleanse. Do not use if you are pregnant or have gout.  If you are breast feeding- do not use this as a standalone supplement/diet.



Aztec Cleanse
(Instructions & F.A.Q)

How to Mix: Upon Waking in the morning mix 1 Aztec Cleanse container + 1 gallon of water. Shake
well before drinking. Sip on the Aztec Cleanse Mix all day. Once you finish drinking the Aztec Cleanse Mix
in the afternoon or night time, begin drinking tea (green, kombucha, black, chamomile, chai etc. Lastly
before bed, drink 1 herbal LAXATIVE Tea every day while on the Aztec Cleanse. Then, repeat this SAME
process every day for 7 days until you finish.

Q) Can I eat while on Aztec Cleanse? It is not recommended if pure and extreme fat burning &
weight loss is your primary goal. Those who are interested in cleansing for other purposes can “get
away” with eating protein + healthy fats while on the Aztec cleanse and still do well. If you still feel you
will need some “food” while cleansing, you can always stack our doctor recommended Aztec Whey
Protein with it and it won’t screw up your results. As a nutritionist, I recommend you do 1 Aztec Whey
Shake per day. Recipe: 1-2 Scoops Aztec Whey + 1 Cup Water or Almond Milk. If you don’t have this,
you can try an apple + 1 tbsp organic peanut butter or almond butter once per day.

Q) If I need extra energy what can I do? Add 1 TBSP Chia/Hemp/Flaxseeds to daily mix. Drink
Black Coffee. You can add stevia or almond/coconut milk to your coffee for flavour. For best results,
consider stacking the Aztec Shred (1 capsule per day) with the Aztec cleanse for enhanced results (fat
burning, energy, performance).

Q) Can I use the product while breastfeeding? A) Yes, but we recommend you take a multivitamin or
prenatal every day while on Aztec Cleanse. You will also need to consume one to two doctor
recommended Aztec whey protein shakes per day (using our recipe) to make sure you & the baby is getting
adequate nutrients. Contact me for help. While it can be done this way, please do not expect FULL
RESULTS, BENEFITS &DETOX (because you are technically still eating while on the Aztec Cleanse).
Expect 6-12 LB LOSS. Add in exercise and enhance your results!

Q) Can I use Aztec Cleanse if I am already in shape and healthy? A) Yes! Many top-level athletes
use it to increase their performance & to lose that last “little bit” of fat and toxins that slow them down.
As a nutritionist, I recommend they do 4-6oz grilled fish/chicken breast + 1 avocado daily while on Aztec
Cleanse to achieve these goals

Q) Can I do the Aztec Cleanse more than once if I have a big goal? A) Yes. We have numerous
clients who do it 1x per month to advance their progress in health, to improve their sense of wellbeing, to
boost the immune system and for normal body maintenance and detox (liver, kidney, genitourinary,
cardiovascular) People have lost 100+ pounds in a year doing it 1x per month. We recommend health
dieting and exercise in between. The Aztec Cleanse also helps fight depression and anxiety.

WARNING! Always check with your primary doctor FIRST to see if you are healthy enough to use the Aztec Cleanse.
If you have any existing medical conditions, please check first. Do not use if you are pregnant or have gout. If you
are breastfeeding- do not use this as a standalone supplement/diet. This product is not approved by the FDA.

EXPIRATION DATE: 1 month after purchase date. Please place your Aztec Cleanse Kit in a refrigerator
immediately upon receiving to preserve its longevity as there are live & active cultures.


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